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Teaching Mathematics with ICT

This page provides links to a variety of ICT tools to support mathematics teaching at all levels from primary to sixth form. They have been created by members of CME and include:
  • computer applets
  • animations
  • Structured Variation grids

Applets for exploring mathematical ideas
NB. you will need an up-to-date web browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla and the JAVA Virtual Machine (JVM)- if the applets don't work, you can download the JVM software from:

Locate and download the version appropriate for your computer (this can be quite a big download - around 16+Mb and will be lengthy if you use a dialup modem). This will allow your web browser to present the applets correctly.

(Details of how to use the program are given in the Instructions document (opens in new word document). The aim of the program is not to solve the problem for the player but to simply store information so as to make the puzzle more manageable: all the logical deductions still need to be made by the player).

Rotating cups investigation

Number line movements

Use this link to see more Applets and animations created by John Mason.

Other primary and secondary mathematical applets have been created by Alan Graham (CME) and Roger Duke (University of Queensland). These are freely available at the following URL:

Alan Graham and Roger Duke have also recently published a book about some of their maths applets.

Graham A. Duke R. “An applet for the teacher: maths for the imagination", Tarquin, 2010.

Finally here are some Structured Variation Grids created by John Mason.

Balances for equation solving (National Library for Virtual Manipulatives)

Other sites of interest:



Association of Teachers of Mathematics

The Mathematical Association

St Andrews History of Mathematics

Further information
Details of a book by Sue Johnston-Wilder and David Pimm:
Teaching Secondary Mathematics with ICT

TSM resources provides a Comprehensive list of Mathematics websites